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International Study Program featured on FM4

Chris Cummins of FM4 observed fifty students from Miami Dade College address their place in a globalizing world and the challenges facing humanity and the planet at the Salzburg Global Seminar’s 44th International Study Program (ISP) – Global Citizenship: At Home (and?) in the World – at Schloss Leopoldskron, March 26-April 1.

ISP Student Introduces President Obama at MDC Commencement

A month after attending the Salzburg Global Seminar’s 44th International Study Program on Global Citizenship (ISP) as a Miami Dade College student, Hafeeza Rahman had the honor of introducing President Barack Obama before he delivered MDC’s commencement speech. The ISP faculty and staff congratulate Hafeeza on her outstanding introduction and we congratulate all of the ISP alumni who are graduating ...

Two Seminole State College honors students are traveling to Austria this summer as part of the Salzburg Global Seminar's International Study Program.

ISP Students Speak Out on Austrian Radio FM4

Three communications and journalism students at the recent International Studies Program (ISP 44) were interviewed by Chris Cummins, of FM4 Radio, based in Vienna.

Houston Community College in Qatar

ISP partner institution, Houston Community College, was recently awarded a $45 million contract to develop a community college in Qatar, thus expanding the College's efforts to broaden its scope of international activities.

Salzburg Global Seminar Partner Receives Recognition for Top Citizen Diplomacy Programs

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy, in partnership with the U.S. State Department and the NAFSA Association of International Educators, named San Jose State University’s Salzburg Program one of the nation’s top ten citizen diplomacy programs at the inaugural U.S. Summit & Initiative for Global Citizen Diplomacy in Washington this week.

2011 Program Dates - International Study Program on Global Citizenship (ISP)

The Salzburg Global Seminar is please to announce the program dates for our ISP sessions in 2011.

Mellon Fellow Community Initiative Meetings Kick Off the Seminar’s 2009 Programmatic Year

From January 6 – 21, 2009, representatives from twenty-six colleges and universities are gathering at the Salzburg Global Seminar for the ongoing work of the Mellon Fellow Community Initiative.

ISP On The Road

As part of his regular visits to partner institutions of the International Study Program on Global Citizenship (ISP), the Seminar's Director of Education Jochen Fried went last fall on a one-month trip which took him from Chicago via Houston and Raleigh to Atlanta.

New Website Based on ISP Faculty Session Experiences

Tarrant County College professor Rebecca Balcarel created a website to share insights and information that she gained while attending an ISP session at the Salzburg Global Seminar last summer.

ISP 2010 Session Dates Announced: Reserve Spots Now

The Seminar’s International Study Program on Global Citizenship (ISP) is pleased to announce the dates for its 2010 sessions for students and faculty/administrators.

ISP Alumna and Mother of Six Featured on NY 1 News Show


Succeeding at Community College - Make Your Voice Heard

The ISP staff at the Salzburg Global Seminar have been following Wick Sloane, a columnist who writes on community college issues for Inside Higher Education, for some time. Wick is also teaching at Bunker Hill Community College in Massachussets. He writes really powerful, thought provoking and illuminating pieces on what life is like "in the trenches" at community colleges that offer a great deal ...

US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Addresses Seminar Participants

On Tuesday July 6th, 2009 the participants of the Salzburg Global Seminar’s 34th International Study Program on Global Citizenship concluded their session with a special address from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Congratulations to Graduating Participants of the International Study Program

The Salzburg Global Seminar's International Study Program on Global Citizenship team extends a heartfelt congratulations to all of our students who have graduated from college this year and are moving on to further studies and careers.

Salzburg Global Seminar Faculty Member Addresses BMENA Community College Symposium in Amman, Jordan

Stephen K. Mittelstet—president of Richland College in Dallas, Texas, and Salzburg Global Seminar faculty member—addressed the first Community and Technical College Symposium for the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative, hosted in Amman, Jordan, on June 16-17, 2009. The symposium was sponsored by the U. S. Department of State, U. S. Department of Education, and U. S. Agency for ...

In Memorium: Bernd Baumgartl, June 11, 1964 - August 10, 2009

On August 10, 2009, Bernd Baumgartl passed away after a long struggle with cancer. Bernd participated in many Seminar programs in a variety of capacities and he served as the Seminar Alumni Leader for Austria. More importantly, he was a dear friend whose intellect, committment, charm, and good humor will be greatly missed. The Seminar extends its condolences to Bernd's family and many friends.

Richland College President and ISP Faculty Member Retiring

After a long and distinguished career in higher edcuation, including 30 years of service as the President of Richland College in Dallas, Texas, Steven Mittelstet is retiring.

ISP Alumni from Miami Dade Honors College Pull an "All Nighter for Haiti"

In March of 2009, fifty students from Miami Dade Colleges Honors Program arrived at the Salzburg Global Seminar for an International Study Program on Global Citizenship. It was the sixth group of Miami Dade College students to take part in this program in as many years.

Bringing Global Citizenship to Colleges and Universities

Building on its long-standing relationship with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Salzburg Global Seminar kicked off the new Mellon Fellow Community Initiative in January of 2008. Using the Seminar’s International Study Program for Faculty and Administrators as a model, the Mellon Fellow Community Initiative aims at creating long-term institutional change at, and collaboration among, participating ...

Director of Education Initiatives attends World College Conference

From February 18-20, the Seminar’s Director of Education Initiatives, Jochen Fried, participated in the 2008 World Congress and International Association of Colleges Conference, which was hosted by Bronx Community College where Dr. Fried is based as a Fulbright Scholar in Residence.

US State Department Programs Honor Seminar ISP Alumni

Two alumni of the Salzburg Global Seminar's International Study Program 23 on Global Citizenship: Education for Sustainable Development have been awarded scholarships by the US State Department.

International Study Program Alumni meet in New York’s Central Park

On May 24, students of The City University of New York (CUNY) involved with the Seminar’s International Study Program (ISP) met in New York’s Central Park to mark the end of the academic year and the conclusion of the Director of Education Jochen Fried’s Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at Bronx Community College and San Jose State University.

49 MDC students participated in the 2008 Salzburg Global Seminar. Please click to read more.

For detailed information about the Salzburg Academy click here.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Features Mary Spangler, Chancellor of ISP Partner College

In the Chronicle of Higher Education several higher education leaders were interviewed for their recommendations on education to the US presidential candidates. One of those interviewed was Mary S. Spangler, Chancellor of the Houston Community College System, International Study Program participant in 2004.

Registration Open for 2009 ISP Sessions

Session dates for the Seminar's International Study Programs in 2009 have been announced and registrations are currently being taken.

The Mellon Fellow Community Initiative

The Mellon Fellow Community Initiative (MFCI) is a series of specially designed institutional development programs for select colleges and universities. As part of its International Study Program, the Salzburg Global Seminar, with the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is conducting a series of special programs for select colleges and universities from the consortium of Historically ...

Transforming International Education: Students Lead Universities’ Effort to Create Global Citizen Awareness & Activism

Fifty-two students from five continents came together for three weeks in August at the home of the Salzburg Global Seminar to start a world-wide revolution in media education. The students, all selected to be in the first class of the Salzburg Academy Program on Media and Global Change, created a dynamic online-based curriculum like nothing ever before taught. The attending faculty and deans ...

2008 Dates for Student and Faculty ISP Sessions Set

The calendar for the Salzburg Global Seminar's International Study Programs in 2008 has been set. We are currently open for registration for students and faculty to attend the 2008 International Study Program offererings. Below is a list of the programs for students and for faculty and administrators. Please note that there is a slight chance that the last session for faculty and administrators in ...

Salzburg Global Seminar Collaborates with Middlebury College and the Monterey Institute on ConnectEd: A Conference on Global Education

The Salzburg Global Seminar is pleased to announce its collaboration with Middlebury College and the Monterey Institute on ConnectEd: A Conference on Global Education which will be held from January 22-24, 2008 in Monterey, California. The conference will convene leaders from colleges, universities, corporations, governments, foundations, and NGO’s to assess the state of global education through ...

San Jose-Salzburg Global Dialogue: Seminar's International Study Program Connects Students from San Jose and Salzburg

The Salzburg Global Seminar, San Jose State University, and the University of Salzburg have established a San Jose-Salzburg Global Dialogue to foster discussions about critical global issues among their students and provide the framework for an international teaching-learning relationship between all three institutions.

ISP Student and Mother of 6 Graduates Top of Her Class

In April, 2007 approximately 60 students and faculty members from CUNY schools and from California spent a week at the Salzburg Seminar for the 18th International Study Program. All of the students were intelligent, dedicated and committed, but one, Heliane Duke, stood out because of her ability to balance family, work and school while succeeding at all three.

Salzburg Academy Program on Media and Global Change Starts its First Session

The Salzburg Academy is a new initiative of Salzburg Global Seminar. Top undergraduate and graduate students from around the world along with a global faculty study and live at Schloss Leopoldskron from July 29 to August 18 to examine the role of media in public opinion and public policy and to create teaching modules that can be used for journalism education worldwide.

The Salzburg Seminar and the University of Maryland Announce the Inaugural Salzburg Academy

In partnership with The International Center for Media and the Public Agenda at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism, the Salzburg Seminar will hold its first Salzburg Academy Program on Media and Global Change in August 2007.

Satchmo Meets Amadeus: Book Release and Symposium

On September 28, Seminar friend, Faculty member, and Fellow, Reinhold Wagnleitner (Ed), will release Satchmo Meets Amadeus (Innsbruck, Wien, Bozen: Studienverlag, 2006).

Tarrant County College Newspaper Article on the ISP

From June 1 - 8, 2006 ten students and two faculty advisors from the Tarrant County College District (TCCD) attended the Salzburg Seminar's thirteenth International Study Program.

Peter Rose Delivers Keynote Lecture at Bronx Community College’s Campus Speakers Series

On April 4, Dr. Rose will speak at Bronx Community College’s Gould Hall on Yankees and Other Ethnics: A Brief Commentary on Race, Immigration, and the Challenge of Pluralism.

CUNY Students in Salzburg for International Study Program

On April 15, a group of forty-six students from five CUNY colleges arrived at Schloss Leopoldskron to take part in the Salzburg Seminar's twelfth International Study Program.

ISP Faculty Advisor Honored with Two Awards

Amanda Bernal-Carlo, Professor and Chairperson of the Hostos Community College Natural Sciences Department, received the International Exemplary Leadership award from the Chair Academy as well as the Exemplary Initiatives award for Curriculum Innovation from the Instructional Leadership Academy.

Second ISP Alumnus Serves as Academic Intern at the Salzburg Seminar

As the Salzburg Seminar’s International Study Program continues to grow, so does its connection to and linkages with the Salzburg Seminar’s general academic programmatic activities. Two of the first four academic interns for 2006 had their first experience at Schloss Leopoldskron as participants in our International Study Program.

Director of Education Initiatives Jochen Fried Visits Tarrant County College District

In preparation for the participation of ten students and two faculty advisors in an upcoming International Study Program (ISP), Jochen Fried was invited to the college in order to serve as a short-term visiting lecturer to help the participating students prepare for the program.

International Study Program Rings in the New Year With Its Tenth Session

Forty-nine students, accompanied by nine faculty advisors, marked the third anniversary of the ISP as they participated in the tenth ISP session from January 1 to January 8, 2006. Lectures and additional academic guidance were provided by some familiar ISP faculty members and a few new faces as well.

Jochen Fried Delivers Lecture at Kingsborough Community College

During his visit to several CUNY schools which participate in the ISP last October, Jochen Fried delivered a lecture on “US-European Relations: Perceptions and Misperceptions Since 9-11” to commemorate the establishment of the Kingsborough Community College Chapter of the Student World Assembly.

Jochen Fried to visit Bronx Community College

At the invitation of Bronx Community College (BCC) and in conjunction with other CUNY colleges, Jochen Fried, Academic Program Director of the ISP, will be visiting the U.S. from mid-October to mid-November to immerse himself into community college life at various ISP partner institutions within the CUNY system.

ISP Alumni Takes First Prize in Essay Competition

Bronx Community College student Easter Wood recently presented a paper at the Beacon Scholars Conference held in Rockville, Maryland. The Beacon Conference is an annual conference that recognizes and celebrates the achievements of two-year college students in research and writing. It is sponsored by a coalition of member colleges.

The Appalachian College Association continues to send students and faculty to the ISP

The Salzburg Seminar has a long relationship with the Appalachian College Association and many of its member colleges. Through a series of grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation dating back to the mid-1990’s faculty members from many ACA colleges have attended Salzburg Seminar Core Sessions as Fellows, a practice which continues today.

The Salzburg Seminar Announces International Study Program Session Dates for 2006

The Salzburg Seminar is pleased to announce the dates for the 2006 ISP sessions. Following on the heels of its second successful year of academic programming, the Salzburg Seminar will offer four ISP sessions for students and two ISP sessions for college faculty and administrators.

The Passive Personality Principle

Jim Freeman, assistant professor of political science at Bronx Community College, attended ISP 9 for College Faculty and Administrators in July of 2005. Prior to the ISP session at the Salzburg Seminar, Jim had the chance to take a trip to Belgrade.

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