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Participating GCP colleges and universities select and send their students and/or faculty and administrators to attend GCP sessions. During the first two years of the GCP a total of 405 people from American colleges and universities have participated in the GCP. Below a few GCP participants of both student and faculty/administrator sessions are profiled.


Joel AMBRIOSE, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Senior, liberal arts major. Academic interests include history, political science, and sociology. Aspires to receive a B.A. in political science or public affairs and obtain an M.A. in political sciences with an emphasis on international relations. Has been working with UNICEF for more than 13 years. Attended GCP Session 7 in April, 2005.

Niccole CERVENY, Mesa, AZ

Professor of geography, Mesa Community College, Maricopa County Community College District. Teaches introduction to physical geography, meteorology, world geography, regional geography, human geography, and economic geography. Member, Association of American Geographers. B.Sc. in accountancy and M.A. in geography, Arizona State University, Tempe. Attended GCP Session 9 for College Faculty and Administrators in July, 2005.

Nancy COOPER, Lee University, Cleveland, TN

Senior, history and political science major. Member, Epsilon Lambda Phi service organization, Kappa Lambda Lota history society; president, Phi Alpha Theta national history honor society; chair, Academic Club council and Funding. Additional academic interests include Islamic studies and anthropology. Enjoys traveling, reading, and independent and foreign films. Work experience includes peer tutoring and peer teaching classes on cross-cultural study.Attended GCP Session 5 in January, 2005.

Ender GUERRA, North Campus, Miami Dade College

Freshman, political science major. Additional academic interests include music, religion, history, philosophy, and law. Extracurricular activities include Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa, and The Falcon Times newspaper. Would like to pursue a career as a civil, constitutional, or criminal prosecution attorney after earning a Ph.D. in government and public policy. Currently serves as an intern in the 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. Previous work experience with Chuck E. Cheeses, the U.S. Navy, and Publix Supermarkets. Attended GCP Session 6 in March, 2005.

Paul HARASHA, Mesa, Arizona

Faculty member, Sociology Department, Mesa Community College, Maricopa Community College District, Arizona. Former equal opportunity specialist, City of Phoenix, Arizona. Teaches race relations, gender studies, human sexuality, and social implications of advancing technology. Also interested in diversity, race, gender, class, and religion. Initiated the Academic Certificate of Global Citizenship at Mesa Community College. B.Sc. in electrical engineering; M.A. in sociology, Arizona State University, Tempe. Attended GCP Session 4 for College Faculty and Administrators in July, 2004.

Michael KINNEY, University of San Francisco, CA

Sophomore, Japanese studies major. Additional academic interests include communication, philosophy, and politics. Extracurricular activities include involvement in the English as a Second Language Conversation Partner Program and the Environment Club. Also interested in hand drums and computers. Work experience includes serving as a camp director, a fish market worker, and data entry work. Attended GCP Session 5 in January, 2005.

Geralde PARVILUS, Bronx Community College

Sophomore, social psychology major. Also interested in marketing. Additional activities include serving as a mentor, tutor, editor in chief of the school newspaper, and a student ambassador. Hopes to become a college professor, researcher, and writer. Work experience includes serving as a direct care worker, English tutor, tour manager, and office administrator. Attended GCP Session 7 in April, 2005.

Karla PAZ DE LA VEGA, Wolfson Campus, Miami Dade College

Sophomore, business administration major, Additional academic interests include law, international business, and economics. Member, Phi Theta Kappa. Would like to earn a J.D., become a lawyer, and create an association or society in Peru that will promote and prepare future leaders. Currently works as an office manager in a chiropractor's office. Attended GCP Session 6 in March, 2005.

Liz THORNTON, Fort Worth, TX

Dean of corporate services, Northwest Campus, Tarrant County College. Teaches communications. Also interested in economic development and decision making in a global community. Member, Fort Worth Sister Cities. M.Sc. in adult education, Oklahoma State University. Attended GCP Session 9 for College Faculty and Administrators in July, 2005.

Denise WHISENHUT, San Diego, California

Associate dean of Outreach, San Diego Community College District, California. Interested in outreach. Member, California Student Opportunities and Access Program. B.A. in political science, University of California-San Diego; J.D., Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. Attended GCP Session 4 for College Faculty and Administrators in July, 2004.


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