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Testimonials From Advisory Committee Members

Augie Gallego, former Chancellor, San Diego Community College District

While our students at SDCCD represent all socioeconomic levels, the vast majority of them cannot rearrange academic, work, or family priorities to participate in the summer or semester-abroad program. They must be provided with the opportunity to be immersed in international issues over a short period of time. The Salzburg Global Seminar's GCP gives our students precisely that experience.

Similarly, only a few faculty members each year can participate in a summer or semester abroad experience. Faculty gain greatly from participation in the week-long Salzburg Global Seminar and are expected to bring their expanded perspective back to their individual classroom and to their colleagues. Students are the fortunate recipients of each faculty member's experience.

Having recently participated in an GCP program, I can attest that the Salzburg Global Seminar's GCP provides students, faculty, and administrators with precisely the experience needed to begin bridging intercultural and international gaps. Recent world events suggest this program is needed more than ever. I encourage my fellow presidents and chancellors to make the GCP experience available to their students, faculty, and administrators.

Leonardo de la Garza, Chancellor, Tarrant County College District

The eleven TCCD faculty members who accompanied me to the first {faculty} session this summer will never be the same. They prepared individual testimonials on videotape, which was presented to the 1500 member College Family at our fall kickoff breakfast last month. Four of them, each representing one of our campuses, have made a presentation to our Board of Trustees. Given the excitement created by their presentation and the large number of faculty who have put me on notice that they want to participate next year, I have no doubt that we will have a healthy delegation from the Tarrant County College District attending the faculty development program at the Salzburg Global Seminar for many years to come. It certainly is my hope that we will see a growing level of participation by other community colleges interested in this faculty development initiative, which is among the best I have experienced in my more than 30 years in the field. The wish of community college presidents to have opportunities for our faculty to enjoy the life-changing experiences historically made available almost exclusively to our university colleagues is now a reality!

Narcisa Polonio, Vice President, Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT)

The Salzburg Global Seminar's Global Citizenship Program provides a valuable experience for faculty and students of community colleges. The opportunity to reflect on global issues, to further understand the interdependency and complexity of a shrinking world, and to hear first hand from experts who are involve in shaping the international political discourse is a priceless opportunity. This is an opportunity to reflect, question, hear other voices and share information on how best to infuse international perspective into all aspects of the college experience. It prepares all of us to manage today's world and become more informed citizens. This opportunity should be made available to community college students and faculty throughout the country.

Mary Spangler, Chancellor, Oakland Community College

The Salzburg Global Seminar experience accomplished even more than was originally hoped for our Oakland Community College students. The intense opportunity to interact with peers in an international arena has challenged their imaginations, stimulated their critical thinking, and empowered them to participate actively in the College's strategic activities. Their shared global experience has made them more confident and mature. And this is just the beginning…..they are already engaged in recruiting students for next year's Seminar. We are committed to supporting this critical experience for more OCC students.

Ronald Williams, President, Prince George's Community College

The power of the GCP experience lies in the ability to look at international affairs and activities from a non-American perspective. The Prince George's Community College students, along with other participants, expanded their world views tremendously in a short period of time. The more broadly disseminated the program is, the more valuable it will become. It is especially beneficial in a world that is more interrelated, yet continues to be divided by conflicting realities and differing perceptions.

Participant Testimonials

Every time one has a conversation that challenges the way one thinks about the world, he or she should be changed. To me, the Salzburg Global Seminar was the ultimate conversation and I feel ultimately challenged and permanently changed. It is now my responsibility as a student to share this conversation with my peers and live my life according to the lessons that I've learned.

I saw the United States from a different perspective - it raises the debate within me in a good way. Interest has been sparked within me to learn as much as I can about being an effective global citizen. At the beginning of the week I was not sure what to think, but the group work and interaction has made this a very positive and beneficial experience for me. I go away knowing and wanting to know more about global citizenship. I can't wait to take this back with me and put it into use. I am really interested in NGO's now. I want to get involved with one.

The GCP taught me why we should be focusing on goals such as international community building and global citizenship as well as how I can do my part to fulfill this duty. In addition to the relationships I have formed and an appreciation for another country and culture, I learned to see things in a new perspective and I learned to be critical of a one-sided vision.

Learning about how America is viewed from abroad is essential to the topic of global citizenship. I was able to detach myself from the American point of view and understand the why and how international opinion is formed. Some of the lessons that I learned are to speak openly about topics such as global citizenship and I realized that certain views are reached about specific cultures, many of which are not true. Meeting people from all across the US and in Europe who were willing to talk openly about their views was a very valuable aspect of the program for me. This is contagious and has allowed me to open up as well.

I am forever grateful for the privilege of coming to learn from wonderful people. I am irreversibly committed now to global citizenship as a theme for my life and professional activities.

I have learned more in this one week here than I believe I learn in a full semester of college. What an incredible experience. Thank you so much for investing in the lives of all of the students here.


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