Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Sat 07 Oct - Thu 12 Oct, 2006
(Session 435)

Rend Rahim Francke Rend Al-Rahim (Co-Chairperson)

Country/Region: United States of America

The Iraq Foundation

Executive Director, The Iraq Foundation, Washington, D.C

Rend Al-Rahim (Co-Chair) is the executive director of the Iraq Foundation in Washington, DC. From November 2003 to December 2004, she served as Iraq's ambassador to the United States and the Iraqi chief of mission. She is a native of Iraq and a co-founder, in 1991, of the Iraq Foundation. Ms. Al-Rahim has represented the Foundation with government and international institutions worldwide. She has contributed to numerous reports and books on Iraq, and written policy papers and reports for the Iraq Foundation. In addition, she has built partnerships and cooperative relations with several non-governmental and research institutions and has also testified on Iraq before the U.S. Congress, most recently in June 2004. She is the co-author of The Arab Shi'a: Forgotten Muslims, published in 2000. She holds degrees from Cambridge University and the University of the Sorbonne in Paris.