Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Sun 27 Sep - Mon 28 Sep, 2009

Timothy King Timothy King (Faculty)

European Voice

Editor, European Voice, Brussels

Tim KING has been working as a newspaper journalist for twenty-two years, the last eleven of them in Brussels. After studying at Cambridge and Harvard Universities, he trained as a reporter on the Bath Evening Chronicle in the west of England and later worked in London for the Daily Telegraph, where he had stints as environment reporter and education reporter. He came to Brussels in January 1998 to work for The European. He was Brussels correspondent of Sunday Business, later renamed The Business, and covered agriculture, commodities, and food for the financial newswire BridgeNews. He has also reported from Brussels for the Daily Telegraph, The Economist, and the Irish Times. He joined European Voice as deputy editor in June 2004 and was appointed editor in July of this year. European Voice is a weekly newspaper with an accompanying website that together provide news, analysis and comment about the European Union.