Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Sun 07 Nov - Fri 12 Nov, 2010

Leonardo Cubillos-Turriago Leonardo Cubillos-Turriago (Faculty)

Country/Region: Colombia

World Bank Institute

Consultant, World Bank Institute, Washington DC

Prior to joining World Band Institute as a health system consultant where he currently focuses in health insurance, priority setting and right to health, Mr. Cubillos was appointed as Director General of Demand Management (Insurance) and acting Viceminister at the Ministry of Social Protection in Colombia. He led teams responsible for the direction and regulation of the subsidized regime that insures 23 million Colombians, and, also for the design, implementation and monitoring of (i) benefits plans, (ii) insurer payment (ii) provider payment policies that reached 43 million citizens.

Mr. Cubillos and his team designed and implemented a rigorous and systematic plan to update and cost the benefits plan and at the end of his work in the Ministry, the subsidized regime achieved universal health insurance coverage and underwent a major operational reform. Both of these policy strategies are described and analyzed in two books published last year by the MSP and directed by Mr. Cubillos.

Mr. Cubillos is an MD from Universidad del Rosario (Colombia) with an MPH from Harvard University (USA) and graduate studies in business administration and marketing, from Universidad del Rosario (Colombia). He has been lecturer and professor in several universities in Colombia and Chile.

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