Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Fri 26 Mar - Sun 28 Mar, 2010

Stephen Nagy Stephen Nagy (Faculty)

Country/Region: Canada

International Christian University

Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Most Recently Attended: (2009)
Tokyo Lecture and Reception

Stephen R. NAGY is an assistant professor at the Department of Japanese Studies. Previously he worked as a research associate at the Institute of Asia Pacific Studies at Waseda University, Japan. His current funded research projects are “Human Security Paradigm in Japan: Exploring the Challenges and Possibilities of International Cooperation in Northeast Asia” and “Investigating the Role of Local Governments Immigration and Migrant Policies in Hong Kong and Tokyo”. Dr. Nagy’s research interests include international relations of Northeast Asia, Sino-Japanese relations, Asian regional integration and regionalism in Asia, non-traditional security, human security and migration related issues. In March 2010 he was appointed a senior fellow with the Global Institute of Asian Regional Integration (GIARI), Waseda University. He obtained his Ph.D. in international studies from Waseda University, Japan. He has participated in the Seminar’s Fellow Event in 2010 on Global Labor Migration and its Impact on Asia.