Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Tue 08 Mar - Thu 10 Mar, 2011

Alexander Merriman Alexander Merriman (Faculty)

Country/Region: United Kingdom

SIX Securities Services Ltd

Head of Market Policy at SIX Securities Services, Zurich

Most Recently Attended: (1998)
The International Impact of the European Monetary Union
(Session 363)

Alex Merriman is the head of market policy for SIX Securities Services in Z├╝rich. In this role, he covers regulatory issues impacting on the post-trading arm of the SIX Group. Having started his career at the Bank of England and enjoyed a spell at the European Commission in the forerunner to DG Market, Mr. Merriman has deep and practical knowledge and experience of EU affairs and the regulatory environment impacting on financial markets and institutions. He chaired the European Banking Federation's (EFB) Clearing and Settlement Issues Working Group and represented the EBF on the Commission's CESAME II and Code of Conduct Monitoring groups, until the end of 2009. In the UK, he established the Target 2 Securities UK National User Group, as well as its corporate actions counterpart, the UK Market Implementation Group. Mr. Merriman was educated at the Oratory School, Woodcote and Trinity College, Oxford.

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Regulation of Non-Banking Institutions and Markets

Regulation of Non-Banking Institutions and Markets