Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Thu 08 Mar - Sat 10 Mar, 2012

Wolfgang Münchau Wolfgang Münchau (Participant)

Country/Region: Germany


Co-founder and Director, Eurointelligence, Brussels

Most Recently Attended: (2011)
New Rules for Global Finance: Which kinds of regulation are useful and which are counterproductive?

Wolfgang Munchau is an associate editor and European economic columnist of the Financial Times. Together with his wife, the economist Susanne Mundschenk, he runs, an internet service that provides daily comment and analysis of the euro area, targeted at investors, academics and policy makers. Mr. Munchau was one of the founding members of Financial Times Deutschland, the German language business daily, where he served as deputy editor from 1999 until 2001, and as editor-in-chief from 2001 until 2003. The business daily is now a firmly established player in the German media market with a daily circulation of more than 100,000 copies sold. Previous appointments include correspondent posts for the Financial Times and the Times of London in Washington, Brussels and Frankfurt. He was awarded the Wincott Young Financial Journalist of the Year award in 1989. Mr. Munchau has published three German-language books. His book Vorbeben, on the financial crisis, has received the prestigious GetAbstract business book award in 2008, and is now published by McGraw Hill in the US. He holds degrees from the Universities of Reutlingen and Hagen and an M.A. in international journalism from City University, London.

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