Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Sat 16 Oct - Sat 16 Oct, 1999
(Session 372)

no photo available Shyam Benegal (Faculty)

Country/Region: India

Shyam Benegal Sahyadri Films

Filmmaker, Mumbai, India

Most Recently Attended: (1994)
Do Films Matter? The Artistic, Political, and Moral Impact of Film
(Session 314)

Shyam Benegal, one of the pioneers of the new cinema in India, has been considered one of the leading filmmakers of the country since his first feature, Ankur (The Seedling) was released twenty years ago. His films have won national and international awards. The subjects of his films have been varied in nature, but mainly center on the contemporary Indian experience. Apart from fiction films, he has a number of documentaries to his credit, on subjects varying from cultural anthropology and industrialization to music. His television work consists of several major series, including a fifty-three part program on the history of India and an educational series for children. He was chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India (from 1980 to 1983 and 1989 to 1992), and a member of the National Integration Council and the National Council of the Arts (from 1986-1989.) Mr. Benegal earned his M.A. in economics from Nizam College, Osmania University, Hyderabad. He was a faculty member at Salzburg Seminar Session 314, Do Films Matter? The Artistic, Political, and Moral Impact of Film, 1994.