Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Wed 06 Sep - Wed 13 Sep, 2000
(Session 382)

no photo available Ala Derkowska (Faculty)

Country/Region: Poland


Alicja Derkowska is president of the Education Society for Malopolska, an organization that founded one of the first independent schools in Poland, and organizes seminars, workshops and conferences for teachers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Kosova, and Crimean Tatars. Dr. Derkowska taught mathematics for thirteen years at Lodz University before losing her job as a result of active participation in the Solidarity Movement. During martial law (1982 to 1989) she managed a small grocery store with her husband. Dr. Derkowska was also a member of, the National Board of Education, one of the first illegal solidarity groups that produced underground publications and planned future educational systems. Dr. Derkowska has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Lodz University, Poland.