Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Wed 06 Aug - Wed 13 Aug, 2003
(Session 412)

Herman Schwartz Herman Schwartz (Co-Chairperson)

Country/Region: United States of America

The American University

Professor of Law, Washington College of Law, American University, Washington, DC

Most Recently Attended: (2001)
International Legal Perspectives on Human Rights
(Session 390)

Herman SCHWARTZ is professor of law at The American University in Washington, DC, where he is also the founder and administrator of the US/Israel Civil Liberties Law Program, designed to train and develop a human rights bar in Israel. Mr. Schwartz has been working in the field of human rights for three decades and is currently a co-director of the Washington College of Law Human Rights Center. He serves on a number of boards, including the Foundation for a Civil Society, the Congressional Human Rights Foundation, and Helsinki Watch. He is also an adviser for numerous Central and East European countries on issues of constitutional and human rights reform. He was a member of the United States Delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in 1994 and 1995, and in 1993, was a member of the US Delegation to the United Nations World Human Rights Conference in Vienna. In 1987, Mr. Schwartz organized and chaired a Human Rights Watch Committee project on prisons throughout the world and has visited and reported on prison conditions in East Europe and Latin America. In 1969, Mr. Schwartz founded the American Civil Liberties Union prisoners' rights project. Mr. Schwartz served on the faculty of Salzburg Seminar Session 339, Human Rights: An International Legal Perspective, 1996.