Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Wed 03 Dec - Wed 10 Dec, 2003
(Session 415)

Harry Harding Harry Harding (Faculty)

Country/Region: United States of America

University of Virginia

Dean and Professor of International Affairs and Political Science, Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University, Washington, DC

Most Recently Attended: (1999)
China and the Global Community
(Session 373)

Harry Harding is dean of the Elliot School of International Affairs and professor of international affairs and political science at The George Washington University, in Washington, DC. A specialist on Chinese domestic affairs and foreign policy, international relations in the Asia-Pacific region, and on United States policy toward Asia, his major publications include A Fragile Relationship: The United States and China Since 1972 (1992), China's Second Revolution: Reform After Mao (1987) and Organizing China: The Problem of Bureaucracy, 1949-1976 (1981).From 1983 to 1994, he was a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. Prior to that, Dr. Harding served on the political science faculties of Stanford University, California, and Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, and was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Washington, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He holds a B.A. from Princeton University, New Jersey, and an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, California. Dr. Harding served on the Faculty of Salzburg Seminar Session 373, China and the Global Community, 1999.