Salzburg Global Seminar Session Participant Profiles
Sun 19 Sep - Sun 26 Sep, 2004
(Session 421)

Erio Ziglio Erio Ziglio (Faculty)

Country/Region: Italy

Head, World Health Organization European Office for Investment for Health and Development, Venice

Most Recently Attended: (2001)
The Social and Economic Determinants of the Public's Health
(Session 391)

Erio ZIGLIO is regional adviser for Health Promotion and Investment for Health at the European Office for Investment for Health and Development at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Venice. Dr. Ziglio worked for the European Commission for three years before joining the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1992. His field of expertise is decision-making applied to the area of health and social economic developments, social and economic determinants of health, futures’ research, and organizational development. Dr. Ziglio instigated and manages the Verona Initiative, a multi-partner venture bringing together political, business, academic, and nongovernmental leaders to extend understanding of investment for health and development, and how it can be used to support countries, regions, and local communities. Dr. Ziglio holds an honorary professorship from the University of York; has been a lecturer at Yale University, USA; and an honorary research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Ziglio has a degree in medical sociology, post-graduate studies in evaluation research and a Ph.D. in social policy from the University of Edinburgh. He served as a faculty member at Salzburg Seminar Sessions 376 and 391, The Social and Economic Determinants of the Public’s Health, 2000 and 2001.