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New Models of Intellectual Property:  Predictability and Openness as Spurs to Innovation 
Traduttore Traditore? Recognizing and Promoting the Critical Role of Translation in a Global Culture
21 Feb - 26 Feb, 2009
(Session 461)
 The Search for Stability: Financial Crisis, Major Currencies and a New Monetary Order

John Balcom (Co-Chair) - Associate Professor, Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, Monterey Institute of International Studies, California; past President, American Literary Translators Association
Peter Bush (Co-Chair) - Translator; Past Chair of the International Federation of Translators Literary Translation Committee; Visiting Professor, University of Malaga
Gabriela Adamo - Executive Coordinator, Fundacion Typa, Buenos Aires
Esther Allen - Translator; Professor; Author, International PEN Report on Translation and Globalization; Co-Founder PEN World Voices Festival, New York
Marion Boers - President, International Federation of Translators, Montreal; Office Manager, South African Translators Institute, Rivonia
Antonia Byatt - Director, Literary Strategy, Arts Council England, London
Cecilie Cave - Program Manager, European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture, Brussels
Jacqueline Csuss - Translator; Board Member, Austrian Literary Translators Association, Vienna; Board Member, European Council of Literary Translators´ Associations
Geeta Dharmarajan - Executive Director, Katha Books, New Delhi
Karin Graf - Literary Agent, Graf & Graf, Berlin
Susan Harris - Editorial Director, Words Without Borders, New York
Michael Krüger - Translator; Author; Director, Carl Hanser Publishing House, Munich
Göran Malmqvist - Linguist; Translator; Sinologist; Emeritus Professor, Stockholm University; Member, Swedish Academy, Stockholm
Brian Nelson - Professor, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University, Melbourne; President of the Australian Association for Literary Translation
Bastiaan Pauw - Director, International Writers' Program, Foundation for the Promotion and Translation of Dutch Literature, Amsterdam
Marie Paule Roudil - Head of Culture Unit, UNESCO Venice Office
John Siciliano - Editor, Penguin Classics, New York
Teresa Solana - Novelist, Translator, Barcelona; Former Director, Spanish National Translation Centre, Tarazona
Boyd Tonkin - Literary Editor, The Independent, London

Additional Session Support:
Timothy Adès (Resource Specialist) - Timothy Adès is an English translator-poet who works mostly with rhyme and metre. He translates from French, German and Spanish, and has won the Premio Valle-Inclán Prize and the John Dryden Prize. He ...
Marina Warner (Resource Specialist) - Marina Warner is a prize-winning writer of fiction, criticism and history; her works include novels and short stories as well as studies of female myths and symbols. She is professor in the Department ...

Literary translation is a key to cross-cultural communication: it enables literature to cross linguistic borders and facilitates inter-cultural exchange and understanding. How else would we be able to enjoy and learn from literature written in languages other than our own? How else would we gain insights into societies and cultures about which we know little or perhaps nothing at all? Given the undeniable value of literature as a means of understanding societal developments and of capturing and transporting the rich diversity of our cultures, one must ask, then, why so many works go untranslated and why the critical art of translation is so little understood or valued?

This session will bring together literary translators, literary agents, publishers, critics, scholars, cultural authorities, philanthropists, and translation advocates from around the world together to shed new light on the unsung art of translation and on the vital role that translators play in making literature accessible to international audiences. Participants will work together to identify where particular deficits exist, and what actions could be taken to encourage the publication of more and better translations. Plenary sessions will focus on the following questions: Who decides what gets translated and how can these decisions be influenced? What role can the public and philanthropic sectors play in encouraging more translation? What can translators'associations and authors' networks do to increase awareness around the importance of translation? And finally, what case studies show how translation can be successfully promoted - through prizes, regional projects, or publicly-sponsored programs - and how could they be adapted and applied to a variety of contexts?

This session is made possible by a generous grant from The Edward T. Cone Foundation.

The fee for this session is 3,300 EURO. The fee covers the cost of the program, accommodations, and meals. Limited scholarship funding may be available for those who are unable to pay the full fee (i.e. from developing countries or NGOs). Participants seeking scholarship assistance must submit an application for financial aid to our admissions office.

Session Faculty

Esther Allen
Cecilie Cave

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