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Global Labor Migration and its Impact on Asia 
Mobilizing Democracy to Tackle Climate Change
19 Apr - 20 Apr, 2010
 The Do's and Don'ts of Intervention

This event is presented by Salzburg Global Seminar together with the Dartington Hall Trust, Schumacher College - the International Centre for Sustainable Living, and the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development. It is delivered in collaboration with, and hosted by Goodenough College, London.

Rapid, effective and fair action on climate change calls for radical innovation in democratic decision-making and in the mobilisation of citizens and organisations to act differently. Unsustainable models of economic growth and consumption dominate political discourse yet there are few examples of elections being won by parties advocating an alternative paradigm. Designed for leaders and change makers, this seminar will focus on the central question: what innovations are needed in democracy and participatory decision-making, if we want them to deliver the actions required to mitigate and adapt to climate change?

The seminar will include expert input from global, national and local leaders together with opportunities for facilitated learning and the exchange of experiences between participants. Our intention is to create a rich and dynamic learning programme.

For more information on the seminar's outline, program, and speakers, please click on the links listed in the top left corner of this page.

This seminar is intended for: leaders and change makers in central and local governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations and communities, and anyone concerned with mobilising democracy to tackle climate change.

Participating in this event will enable you to:

  • engage with high profile and influential speakers, and participants
  • build the potential for active participation in your organisation
  • learn from and share successful practice
  • champion systemic organisational change for a more resilient organisation and society
  • develop new leadership skills
  • focus time and energy on issues of critical importance
  • gain inspiration to take your organisation forwards

Fee and Registration Information

To register today and for more information, please contact Caroline Carpenter. The standard seminar fee of 85 Euro includes teaching refreshments, and lunch and the party on Tuesday evening. Please note that other meals may be purchased at Freddie's Café Bar or the Great Hall in Goodenough College.

Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodations are not included in the seminar fee and should be booked by participants themselves. For travel directions to our venue, the Goodenough College, in London, click here. To arrange accommodation through the Goodenough Club, click here.

Conducted under the auspicies of Salzburg Global Seminar, Austria


Marc Hudson
Ian Christie

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