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A Vision Worth Pursuing: Rashad Massoud

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Schloss Leopoldskron
Unlocking the Debt Conundrum: Paths to Growth and Fiscal Sustainability
Planning Workshop
Making Health Care Better in Low and Middle Income Economies: What are the next steps and how do we get there?
22 Apr - 27 Apr, 2012
 Public and Private Cultural Exchange-Based Diplomacy: 
New Models for the 21st Century

Planning Committee:
M. Rashad Massoud (Chair) - Director, USAID Health Care Improvement Project, Senior Vice President, University Research Co., LLC/Quality & Performance Institute (Chair), Washington, DC
Bruce Agins - Medical Director, AIDS Institute, New York State Department of Health and Director, HealthQUAL International, Albany, NY
Pierre Barker - Senior Vice President, Low and Middle Income Countries, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Cambridge, MA
James Heiby - Medical Officer and Contracting Officer's Technical Representative, USAID Health Care Improvement Project, Washington, DC
Edward Kelley - Head, Strategic Programmes and Coordinator, WHO Patient Safety, Geneva
Sheila Leatherman - Research Professor, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC; University of Cambridge Judge Institute and Visiting Professor, London School of Economics
Nana Mensah-Abrampah - Quality Improvement Fellow, USAID Health Care Improvement Project, Bethesday, Maryland
Sylvia Sax - Lecturer, University of Heidelberg, Medical School, and international public health consultant

This seminar will provide an opportunity to review progress and accomplishments in improving healthcare quality and safety in lower and middle income economies, and to synthesize lessons learned to date in order to determine what is needed to take this effort to the next level. We will convene participants from at least 20 low and middle income countries, together with representatives of the key agencies involved in improving healthcare quality and safety.

An agenda setting paper will be published in advance of the session, and both registered and prospective participants will be encouraged to contribute to a blog which will in turn provide a basis for the discussions at Salzburg. The BMJ (British Medical Journal) will once again be media partner, and the conclusions of the session will be presented in key policy forums.

This session will be the fourth in a series at Salzburg on health and healthcare which began in 2010, responding to the demographic, organizational, and financial challenges on the horizon for the coming generation. The session themes to date have been reforming healthcare systems; shared medical decision making; and innovating for value in healthcare delivery. It is clear that cross-border learning and global co-ordination is more important than ever to achieve the goal of healthcare which is sustainable in the face of the challenges ahead.

Participate online! While not everyone will be able to attend this seminar, everyone will be able to participate. We invite you to have your say, follow the daily activities and deliberations during the seminar, and review the key findings and outcomes after it. Please join the public discussion in preparation for this session, on the International Society for Quality in Health Care web page.

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Planning Committee

Edward Kelley
M. Rashad Massoud

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