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Schloss Leopoldskron
2012-2013 Winter Festival: A New Year's Celebration 
Getting to Grips with Obesity
14 Jun - 17 Jun, 2013
 Sustainability and the City: America and the Urban World

Obesity has been recognized in the last decade as a global epidemic. No longer confined to the developed world, it is a problem which affects almost every region, with only South and East Asia relatively unaffected. One billion adults are estimated to be overweight, with a further 475 million clinically obese. This is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, which is one of the most serious public health threats in the world today, as well as a number of other conditions including cardio-vascular disease and some cancers. Given the implications for food production and its ecological impact, obesity is also an issue for sustainable development. Whether with a view to individual well-being, population health, health care services being put under near intolerable strain, or environmental sustainability, it is urgent that the problem of obesity be tackled. Better nutrition and appropriate exercise are obviously critical. But obesity is what we call a 'wicked problem' - multi-dimensional, engaging diverse stakeholders and interest groups, and touching on tricky issues around personal liberty and state intervention. How can we best collaborate to get the policy priorities right? And who needs to be round the table?

To address this question we will gather an international group of Salzburg Fellows, from the worlds of health and nutrition, government and politics, education, environment and development, sport, and the food industry - as well as lively critics of all sectors. This survey of the field will lay the groundwork for a possible future series at the Salzburg Global Seminar to explore different aspects of what is turning into a major challenge of the 21st century.

Please note: this Fellowship program is open to Salzburg Global Seminar Fellows and to those interested in the program topic. The fee for this program has been discounted for the benefit of Seminar Fellows and is one of the many benefits available to those who have attended Seminar programs. Scholarships and discounts do not apply to Fellowship programs.

The Salzburg Global Seminar is committed to carbon reduction and a sustainable future. Please click here for further information
Session Faculty

Claire Wang
Margret Ploum

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