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Rethinking Care Toward the End of Life 
The Art of Resilience: Creativity, Courage and Renewal
07 Feb - 12 Feb, 2017
 Toward a Shared Culture of Health: Enriching and Charting the Patient-Clinician Relationship

Today's world is disrupted by manifold sources of shock, violence and conflict. The complexity and sheer speed of change are testing the limits of people, place and community. Increasing social inequality, accelerating urbanization, unprecedented migration flows, rapidly evolving technologies and climate-related changes are generating physical, virtual, and cultural challenges that have no precedent in recent history. To add to the complexity, these trends are playing out against a backdrop of exceptionally low trust and widening polarization in societies worldwide. Resilience refers to the capacity of nature and of humankind to withstand shocks and to adapt and renew dynamically in the face of adverse and potentially destructive conditions. Historically, most efforts to better understand capacities for resilience have focused on material responses, whether technological, scientific, physical, socio-political, or economic. More recently, however, the roles of culture - writ large - and the arts have become a new source of inquiry. The creative sector, as a source of unconventional thinking and innovation, opens up promising opportunities to harness civic imagination for greater cohesion and resilience. The goal of this Salzburg Global Seminar session is to identify and better understand ways in which artists, cultural workers, and creatives may inspire and strengthen capacities of individuals, communities, and our societies at large to confront the unexpected, and to respond creatively and courageously to seemingly infinite sources of shock and disruption. The founding of Salzburg Global Seminar seventy years ago - in the wake of the Second World War at a moment of massive global disruption -was itself a creative and courageous response to conflict. This session continues our commitment to bridge barriers in the mind and on the ground in conditions of trust and openness. Its goal is to connect path-breaking efforts to explore relationships between culture, the arts, and resilience and to identify how creative practitioners can inspire individuals and communities to confront the unexpected and define their own futures. Against this challenging backdrop, pioneer thinking and wholistic approaches to problem-solving will be critical to navigate ever-shifting boundaries of global interdependence. Artists and cultural innovators are uniquely positioned to envision positive change and foster collaborative engagement and empowerment across sectors and scales. How can their strengths, talents and imaginative power help us re-imagine the possible and enhance the resilience of our shared planet?

Katese Odile Gakire
Dawn Casey



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