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Women's Power Network
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Economic and Political Improvements - Investing in Women

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Cultural Institutions without Walls:  New Models of Arts - Community Interaction 
Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Politics and Business
03 Nov - 08 Nov, 2007
(Session 447)
 The Dynamic Economies of India and China:  What Lessons for Others?

Laura Liswood (Chair) - Secretary General, Council of Women World Leaders, Washington, DC; and Senior Advisor, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Anita Brown-Graham - Director, Institute for Emerging Issues, North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Francis Ghil├Ęs - Senior Fellow, European Institute of the Mediterranean, Spain; Freelance Journalist
Christine Grumm - Executive Director, Women's Funding Network, San Fransisco, CA
Donna Klein - President & Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Voices for Working Families, Washington, DC; former Vice President of Workplace Effectiveness at Marriott International, Inc.
May Rihani - Senior Vice President and Director, Academy for Educational Development, Washington, DC
Linda Tarr-Whelan - Distinguished Senior Fellow, Demos, New York; and former Ambassador and U.S. Representative to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
Hanna Tetteh - General Manager, Ghana Agro Food Company Ltd., Tema
Ana Elena Townsend - Consultant, Gender and Development Unit, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC; former Minister for Women's Affairs and Member of Congress, Peru
Karen Hughes (Guest Lecturer) - Under Secretary, Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, US Department of State, Washington, DC

Additional Session Support:
Lubna Olayan (Resource Specialist) - Chief Executive Officer, Olayan Financing Company, Riyadh
Shauna Shames (Resource Specialist)  

Unquestionably, women have made significant advances in their presence and power in both the political and business arenas. Although the numbers of women in political office and in the board room, globally, remain relatively low, there is growing evidence of marked positive impact where women have a substantial presence. Recent studies undertaken on women's leadership and power in the corporate and business arena mirror, in certain respects, studies undertaken evaluating the impact of women in the political arena: the outcomes on process, structures and policies improve - and, in business, profitability improves as well.

To date, the linkages between women in the political and business arenas remain fairly limited. This session will compare women's advances in these two critical sectors and compare the information and data that exist related to the impact a significant presence of women in leadership and power positions can create. By comparing different arenas, the session will seek transferable lessons and strategies for increasing women's presence and power, as well as for magnifying the positive impact they have. In addition, the session will consider prospects for greater cooperation between and across these sectors to overcome common barriers and support women's ability to create significant change. The session encourages the participation of individuals from the business, public, research and civil sectors who want to improve the efficiency and efficacy of government and business, particularly by maximizing the opportunities that are offered by increasing gender equality.

The fee for this session is 3,000 EURO. The fee covers the cost of the program, accommodations, and meals.

Limited scholarship funding may be available for those who are unable to pay the full fee (i.e. from developing countries or NGOs). Participants seeking scholarship assistance must submit an application for financial aid to our admissions office.

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Expanded Description for 447

Women & Political Power (Session 433)

Salzburg Study on Women in Governmental Decision-Making

Session Faculty

Christine Grumm
May Rihani

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  • Interview with Laura Liswood on her new book, The Loudest Duck
  • Interview with Linda Tarr-Whelan
  • Interview with Donna Klein
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