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The Global Prevention of Genocide: Learning From the Holocaust 
The Second Annual Lloyd N. Cutler Lecture on the Rule of Law: Harold Hongju Koh - "An American International Law?"
28 Mar - 28 Mar, 2011
 International Responses to Genocide: A comparative study of the dynamics of decision-making

Hosted at the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, DC
Due to limited seating, this event is by invitation only. Please direct any question you may have to Carleigh McDonald at +1 (202) 637-7687 or via email at

Speaker & Host:
Harold Hongju Koh  
Sandra Day O'Connor  

Lecture Information:
The Lloyd N. Cutler Lecture on the Rule of Law honors the memory of the Lloyd N. Cutler, who served the Salzburg Global Seminar for more than two decades as Board Chair, Faculty leader and mentor to countless Salzburg fellows around the world. The Cutler Lectureship is presented annually in Washington, DC and features a distinguished speaker on a vital legal issue of international interest. The most recent lecture, in 2009, was presented by Justice Richard J. Goldstone and focused on the rule of law as an indispensable pre-requisite for democracy.

Lloyd N. Cutler Center for the Rule of Law

Lloyd N. Cutler (1917-2005), who has been described as the last "super lawyer," had a brilliant legal career. A founder of the Washington, DC law firm, Wilmer Cutler & Pickering, and White House Counsel to two US presidents, he fulfilled the calling of a public servant over his lifetime. He was a long-time champion of the Salzburg Global Seminar, serving as chair of its Board of Directors for a decade. An ardent believer in the role that law plays in nation building, and in the ability of law and legal experts to contribute solutions to the world's most pressing challenges, Lloyd Cutler was able to attract high court judges from around the world to the Seminar.

As a lasting tribute to the Cutler legacy, the Salzburg Global Seminar has established the Lloyd N. Cutler Center for the Rule of Law whose mission is threefold:

  • To seek solutions to global problems in areas where the law is inadequate or evolving;
  • To advance the role of independent judiciaries globally and to promote universal access to justice; and
  • To employ innovative methods to engage new audiences and raise awareness of legal principles and why they matter.

The Lloyd N. Cutler Center programs will involve the world's leading lawyers, judges and legal scholars in shaping its work, including the identification of issues that are under-represented in international discourse and demand fresh thinking outside traditional disciplines and approaches. Following in the footsteps of Lloyd Cutler, the Salzburg Global Seminar aims to continue to engage and involve young international lawyers, academics and jurists in their programs.

Topics which have been considered and upon which the Cutler Center will build include: Islamic and International Law: Searching for Common Ground; Social and Economic Dimensions of Human Rights; and An International Rule of Law: Balancing Security, Democracy and Human Rights in an Age of Terrorism.

Advisory Board

B. Thomas Mansbach, Chair
Bailey Morris-Eck, Co-Chair
Stephen L. Salyer, Salzburg Global Seminar President

Zoe Baird
Justice Stephen Breyer
Mark S. Ellis
Jonathan F. Fanton
Richard N. Gardner
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Richard J. Goldstone
C. Boyden Gray
Bianca Jagger
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
Eva Nowotny
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (Ret.)
Hisashi Owada
Deval L. Patrick
Peter G. Peterson
Fernando Pombo
Whayne S. Quin
Alice M. Rivlin
John Thomas Smith II
Theodore C. Sorensen*
Sonia Picado Sotela
Paul A. Volcker
William H. Webster
James D. Wolfensohn

Harold Hongju Koh
Sandra Day O'Connor

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