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Schloss Leopoldskron
New England Fellowship Gathering 
Global Citizenship and the International Rule of Law
09 Apr - 09 Apr, 2011
 Learning to Live Together in the 21st Century: How can schools best enhance community relations and inclusion?

Many thanks to San José State University for its hosting of this Fellowship event.

William Reckmeyer (Chair) - Professor of Leadership and Systems, San José State University, and Faculty Chair, International Study Program on Global Citizenship, Salzburg Global Seminar
Darci Arnold - Independent Business Consultant & Interdisciplinary Scholar, San José State University
William DeVincenzi - Director, Sbona Honors Program, College of Business, San José State University
Jochen Fried - Director of Education, Salzburg Global Seminar
Richard J. Goldstone - Member of the Board of Directors, Salzburg Global Seminar; Co-chairman, Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association; former justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa; and former chief prosecutor, United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda ...
Don Kassing - Interim President, San José State University
Tomasz Kolodziejak - President & CEO, Associated Students, San José State University
Mojgan Mohammadi - President & Founder, Global Health Association, San José State University
SoonKhen OwYong - Former Student Director, AIESEC - United States, San José State University
Sunder Ramaswamy - President, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Stephen Salyer - President & Chief Executive Officer, Salzburg Global Seminar
David Steele - Dean, College of Business, San José State University
Chui Tsang - President, Santa Monica College
Beth von Till - Vice Chair, Academic Senate, San José State University

In an age of new international tensions and shifting global alliances, the need for citizens of every nation to understand international affairs, to recognize cultural values other than their own, and to view world events from a variety of perspectives, has become increasingly critical. Climate change, migration, social and economic inequity, trade protectionism, human rights violations, and wars of aggression are just a few examples of problems that local and national policies alone cannot fully address. Instead these challenges require multinational and multicultural responses from an interconnected global community.

But these "global citizens" will also expect to fit into an international system based on the rule of law. At present, the organizations set up to uphold this concept are, to say it mildly, imperfect, and the processes of honing them are highly complex. In what circumstances and to what degree can or should nation states be expected to surrender a portion of their sovereignty to an international body of rules? Do existing organizations such as the UN, ICC, WTO, and others have sufficient means to enforce those laws, particularly when it is powerful individual states that are found to be in breech? And to whom are those international bodies ultimately accountable? These and a series of other issues will be addressed in the course of this day-long seminar, culminating with the keynote lecture by Justice Richard Goldstone, The Role of the United States in International Justice: South Africa, Yugoslavia, Rwanda.

Fee & Program Information:
This program will be hosted by and take place on the campus of San José State University from 9:00am until 7:00pm. A final program will be distributed to confirmed participants in the week before the event's start. We welcome all Salzburg Global Fellows to attend and encourage you to bring a guest who might be interested in our work.

As the Salzburg Global Seminar is a nonprofit 501c3 institution, we are only able to conduct our programs because of generous donations we receive from our participants and other sources. Note that there is no fee for participation. We do, though, kindly request that you make a contribution to help cover the costs associated with this event in the following ways: $40 for Fellows, $30 for guests and $15 for students. All gifts are tax deductible.

You may either register by making a donation to the right, or by contacting Please note that due to limited space, registrations should be received by March 21, 2011 at the latest.


Recommended Donations:

Fellows: $40
Guests: $30
Students: $15

About San José State University:
As a prime partner institution of our International Study Program on Global Citizenship more than 150 students, faculty, administrators and staff of San Jos& State University attended sessions of this Program in the course of the past five years which makes SJSU one of our largest and most dynamic partners throughout the U.S. In 2010 the SJSU Salzburg Program was named one of the nation's top ten citizen diplomacy programs in the field of higher education by the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy, in partnership with the US State Department and the NAFSA Association of International Educators. We are very pleased that our first Fellowship event on the West Coast will take place in the heart of Silicon Valley and on a campus where "Salzburg" is a synonym for excellence, engagement and change.

The Salzburg Global Seminar is committed to carbon reduction and a sustainable future. Please click here for further information

Session Speakers

Mojgan Mohammadi
David Steele

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