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Schloss Leopoldskron
Professional Development Workshop: Using Theater Techniques to Improve Your Leadership Impact 
Conflict Transformation through Culture: Peace-Building and the Arts
06 Apr - 10 Apr, 2014
 New Dynamics in Global Trade Architecture: WTO, G20 and Regional Trade Agreements

Jean-Christophe Bas - former Senior Advisor, Strategic Development and Partnerships, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, New York, New York, United States
Jacqueline Bertrand Lessac - Founder & Executive Producer, Global Arts Corps, New York, New York, United States
Margo Harkin - Filmmaker, Derry, United Kingdom
Peter Jenkinson - Cultural Broker, London, United Kingdom
Tina Ellen Lee - Artistic Director, Opera Circus, Bridgport Dorset, United Kingdom
Michael Lessac - Founder, President & Artistic Director, Global Arts Corps, New York, New York, United States
Colin Munro - Consultant, OSCE and International Organization for Migration, Vienna, Austria
Nigel Osborne - Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Edinburgh; Co- Chair of the World Economic Forum on Culture, United Kingdom
Phloeun Prim - Executive Director, Cambodian Living Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Paul Smith - Director USA, British Council, Washington, DC, United States
James Thompson - Professor of Applied and Social Theatre, Associate Dean External Relations- Faculty of Humanities, Martin Harris Centre, The University of Manchester, Manchester
Michael van Graan - Executive Director, African Arts Institute; former Secretary General of Arterial Network, Cape Town, South Africa
Shelagh Wright - Director, ThreeJohnsandShelagh and Mission Models Money; Associate, Demos UK; Toynbee Studios, London, United Kingdom

Additional Session Support:
Henry Alt-Haaker (Resource Specialist)  
Ella Britton (Resource Specialist)  
Henrietta Norton (Resource Specialist) - Henrietta Norton, United Kingdom Henrietta Norton is a creative producer and artist, living and working in London. She is particularly interested in the role the arts and storytelling have to play in ...

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I and the beginning of a nearly half a century of industrialized conflict. This program will continue Salzburg Global's series on "The Transformative Power of the Arts", supported through our long-standing partnership with the Edward T. Cone Foundation. It will explore the role that cultural institutions and the arts have played - and can play - in pre- and post-war situations, in reconciliation and forgiveness, in post-conflict society rebuilding, and in conflict prevention. The main goal of the program will be to engage international institutions and innovators working in the areas of peace-building and conflict prevention, including cultural institutions, policy makers, NGO leaders, scholars, artists and the media, to understand and map the unique and often underestimated role that 'soft power' can play in peace-building and post-conflict societies. The program is designed to lay the foundations for a five-year series focused on specific conflict/post-conflict regions.

Immediately before this session, a fee-based Arts and Leadership residential weekend workshop will be held in Salzburg, April 4 to 6, 2014.

This session is supported by the Edward T. Cone Foundation

Session Faculty

Phloeun Prim
Michael van Graan



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