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Schloss Leopoldskron
cultureFWD workshop: Nurturing the New Creator 
The Search for a New Global Balance: America's Changing Role in the World
24 Sep - 29 Sep, 2015
 Images of America: Reality and Stereotypes

Ron Clifton (Chair) - Former Associate Vice President of Stetson University and Retired Counselor in the Senior Foreign Service of the United States
Alex Seago (Co-Chair) - Chair, Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Communications, Richmond, The American International University London
Kees van Minnen (Co-Chair) - Director, Roosevelt Study Center, Middelburg, The Netherlands; Professor of American History, Ghent University, Belgium
Irakli Alasania - Irakli Alasania is a Georgian politician, chairman and founder of the liberal political party "Free Democrats." He served as minister of defence of Georgia from 2012 to 2014. Prior to joining the Cabinet, ...
Thomas Bender - Thomas Bender is professor of humanities and history at New York University. At the University of California, Davis he was trained as an intellectual historian, and his work has focused on ideas and ...
James Boys - Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Sciences, Richmond American International University, UK; author of "Clinton's Grand Strategy: US Foreign Policy in a Post-Cold War World" (2015)
Edith Chapin - Senior International Editor, National Public Radio, Washington, DC
Ted Widmer - Assistant to the President for Special Projects, Brown University

While a new sense of globalism is shared by all countries, it nevertheless still brings with it conflicts and tensions between national groupings. Issues of world-wide concern, such as matters of climate change conflict with commercial imperatives and competition. Cross national groupings emerge even as countries increasingly fragment. Old tensions between major powers re-emerge in spite of common global concerns. These international changes coincide with major internal demographic changes within the United States itself, including the dramatic rise in the Hispanic population and an accelerating polarization of United States' internal politics. In the face of contemporary shifting power relations, including changes in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC nations) in Latin America, and in Asian nations, the power and influence of the United States, both in terms of world affairs and in terms of its relations with its hemispheric neighbors in the Americas, is evolving. Conceptions of power and its appropriate use have also changed. In light of this, can the United States expect to pursue its national interests, using its powerful position in the world, feeling free to intervene in other countries, seizing terrorists in foreign cities, sending drones across national borders, tapping into communications by ordinary citizens and world leaders? This session, organized in partnership with the Roosevelt Study Center, Middelburg, The Netherlands, will examine the United States' changing role in the world and the implications of changes in global, regional and national power for the future of the United States as a national state and as a global political, economic and cultural power in the 21st century and beyond.

Session Faculty

Alex Seago
Ron Clifton



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