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Contemporary American Literature 
Migration, Race, and Ethnicity in Europe
17 Jun - 24 Jun, 2003
 Capitalizing on our Differences: Leadership Across Cultural Boundaries and Geographic Borders in a Global Society

Dominique Moïsi (Chair) - Deputy director, Institut français des relations internationales; Editor-in-chief, Politique étrangère, Paris
M.A. Zaki Badawi - Principal, Muslim College, London; Chairman, Imams and Mosques Council, United Kingdom
Michael Cox - Professor of International Relations, Department of International Relations, London School of Economics
Bertel Haarder - Minister for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs and Minister for European Affairs, Copenhagen
Jan Jarab - Commissioner for Human Rights, Prague
Kemal Kirisci - Director, European Studies Center, and Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration, Boðaziçi University, Istanbul; Former Member, External Research Advisory Committee, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Geneva
Rita Süssmuth - Member and Former President, German Bundestag, Berlin

Additional Session Support:
Fiona Stephen (Resource Specialist) - Fiona Stephen is a doctoral candidate at Queen's University, Belfast, and is currently employed at Queen Mary, University of London, where she is management development adviser. Among her previous roles ...

In the wake of monetary union, questions about further cultural and political integration now loom large as the European Union looks to the future. A number of troubling demographic indicators have recently placed particular concern on issues regarding the labor force, worker mobility and economic expansion. Despite official recognition that Europe faces serious labor shortfalls in the coming decade, issues of employment, social welfare and immigration remain contentious throughout Europe. The stunning recent electoral successes of anti-immigrant candidates and platforms in Europe’s most tolerant liberal democracies have exposed deep reservoirs of cultural skepticism about enlargement toward the East, migration from the South and broader notions of European integration. The ability of Europe to incorporate diverse ethnic and racial groups into its cultural fabric remains in question. How Europe deals with these issues is essential to its future viability as a broad, multilateral, multicultural entity. This session will explore the promise and challenge of migration, ethnic identity and racial diversity in Europe as the European Union faces questions of enlargement, economic reform, and cultural cohesion. How will a multi-national Europe adapt to new multicultural realities? NOTE: This session may be taken for continuing legal education (CLE) credit for an additional fee. Offered in association with the Center for International Legal Studies (CILS), professional development credit may be earned for the Law Society of England and Wales and the General Bar Council of the United Kingdom, for the Netherlands Bar, and for several states of the United States, including including Colorado, New York, Texas. and West Virginia.

Session Faculty

Kemal Kirisci
Dominique Moïsi

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