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Sustainability, Education, and Management of Change in the Tropics - Oslo, Norway 
Cultural Institutions in Transition: Making the Case for Culture
03 Oct - 07 Oct, 2003
 Cultural Institutions in Transition

Susan Causey - Susan Causey is program manager for the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, a non-profit organization founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in response to the emerging social challenges ...
Mikhail Gnedovsky - Mikhail B. Gnedovsky is director of the Cultural Policy Institute in Moscow. He is the former director of the Arts and Culture Program of the Open Society Institute, Moscow. His fields of interest include ...
Elena Kolovskaya - Elena Kolovskaya is the founder and executive director of the PRO ARTE Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is also responsible for the establishment of "," an international ...
Corina Suteu - Corina Suteu is director of Cultural Management at the Institute de l’homme et de lat technolgie in Nantes and president of the EcumEst Association in Bucharest, which organizes training for cultural ...
Lidia Varbanova - Lidia Varbanova is former program director at the Arts and Culture Network of the Open Society Institute in Budapest. She is also the former head of the Department of Social and Cultural Management and ...

FOCUS Cultural institutions around the world face important new challenges to their financial sustainability, their organizational structures and their social relevance. This is especially true in Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. While the political and social changes in each of these countries have differed, the effects of economic liberalization in its many forms have fundamentally altered the context in which these cultural institutions operate. As cultural institutions—broadly defined as institutions devoted to the visual and performing arts or to cultural heritage and history, as well as related governmental entities—confront these deep political, economic and social changes, issues of leadership and governance take on additional significance. Whether faced with questions of audience, mission or sustainability, the preparation of leaders within such institutions to face the challenges and uncertainties of transition may be of critical importance as organizations struggle to orient themselves in the midst of dramatic change. This is the first of two Salzburg Seminar sessions devoted to the theme, "Cultural Institutions in Transition: Making the Case for Culture", and will focus on transitions in cultural institutions in Russia. The second session (March 24-28, 2004) will examine such transitions in Eastern Europe. Approximately thirty participants will gather to address approaches to long-term development in the cultural sector, tools for adaptive leadership, and strategies for cultural advocacy in Russia. Participation is by invitation only. For more information about these sessions, please contact Dr. Matt T. Reed, Program Director (

Session Faculty

Corina Suteu
Lidia Varbanova



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