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East Asia - The United States: A Search for Common Values 
Global Issues: Roles and Responsibilities of Adult Education
07 Aug - 14 Aug, 2004
 Education, Civil Society and Sustainability in Transition Countries: Looking Back; Going Forward

Peggy Antrobus (Co-Chair) - Peggy ANTROBUS (Co-Chair) is a founding member and the former general coordinator of Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN). Since the 1960s, when she set up the Community Development ...
Bradley Courtenay (Co-Chair) - Bradley COURTENAY (Co-Chair) is professor and former head of the Department of Adult Education at the University of Georgia, Athens. He is also program administrator of the Cyril O. Houle Scholars in ...
Thais Corral - Thais CORRAL is the founding director of the Network for Human Development, an NGO dedicated to bringing women's perspectives to development issues in Brazil. She is also co-founder and former vice ...
Munir Fasheh - Munir FASHEH is director of the Arab Education Forum at Harvard University, Cambridge, where his responsibilities include organizing annual meetings for people from the Arab world working in various ...
Muni Figueres - Muni FIGUERES is the former external relations advisor of the Inter-American Bank, where she was responsible for identifying issues and constituencies of strategic importance to the Bank. From 1990 ...
Olive Shisana - Olive SHISANA is executive director of the South African national research program on Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS and Health at the Human Sciences Research Council. She was previously professor of health ...
Paulo Wangoola - Paulo WANGOOLA is the founder and nabyama (president) of Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity, Uganda, an institution that is dedicated to the advancement of indigenous knowledge for community renewal and enrichment. ...

Additional Session Support:
Ronald Cervero (Resource Specialist) - Ronald CERVERO, USA Professor and head, Department of Adult Education, University of Georgia, Athens. Interests include continuing education for the professions, the politics of program planning, and ...
Gail McClure (Resource Specialist) - Gail MCCLURE is vice president for programs at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan. In this role, she provides leadership for both the Africa and the Youth and Education programming ...
Sharan Merriam (Resource Specialist) - Sharan MERRIAM, USA Professor, Department of Adult Education, University of Georgia, Athens. Areas of research and publication include the foundations of adult education, adult development and adult ...
Allen Moore (Resource Specialist) - Bernie MOORE, USA Consultant and former associate professor, Department of Adult Education, University of Georgia, Athens. Expertise in community development, teaching and learning styles, and staff ...
Janet Valente (Resource Specialist) - Janet VALENTE, USA Doctoral candidate and graduate assistant, Department of Adult Education, University of Georgia, Athens. Research interests focus on health and environmental issues. Recent work ...

This session will bring together leaders in adult and continuing education with content experts on particular global issues to engage in dialogue about the future role of adult and continuing education in addressing global concerns. Through this exchange, the participating educators will develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the global community, will explore various ways in which adult education can play a role in addressing those needs, and establish new and strengthen existing networks among leaders in adult and continuing education. Please note: this session is by invitation only.

Session Faculty

Thais Corral
Muni Figueres



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