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How can I give to the Seminar?
To make a credit card gift, please proceed to our Secure Donation Form Online. For donations made via check or bank transfer, please visit our bank information page. For further information on how to give, please visit our ways of giving section, or contact us at

Is my contribution tax-deductible?
The Salzburg Global Seminar is a 501(c)(3) U.S. based nonprofit organization (see our IRS determination letter). All contributions from the U.S. are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. Contributors from countries outside the U.S. will need to check their country's tax regulations.

Gifts to the gemeinnütziger Verein, Salzburg Global Seminar - Austria, are tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law in accordance with § 4a Z. 1 lit. e of the Austrian Income Tax law.

Does the Salzburg Global Seminar have a Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Number?
Yes. To ease donations from U.S. government employees, the Seminar participates in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Our CFC Number is 12306.

Are you a UK Taxpayer?
If you are a higher rate tax payer in the UK, you may re-claim the difference between the basic rate and the higher rate on the amount of your gift through your tax return. For more information on UK tax benefits for charitable giving, please see

If you fall into this category, please contact for assistance with making a donation.

Can I pay off a pledge over several years?
Yes. A pledge is a formal statement of intention to make a gift, and the Seminar accepts multi-year pledges. As a courtesy. pledge reminders are sent out in the spring and fall. Contact us at with any questions.

What does my gift support?
Your gift can provide support in a number of areas, such as: programming, fellowships, lectureships. There are also endowment opportunities. We encourage gifts to the general operating fund, which provides both long term stability and the flexibility to fund important emerging projects that have not yet attracted outside funding. For a list of other opportunities, please visit our ways of giving section.

Can I donate stock?
Yes. A gift of long-term appreciated marketable securities can provide you with generous tax advantages as well as provide the Seminar with a charitable gift. A gift of stock is easily accomplished through an electronic transfer. The Development staff can advise you or your broker of the specific information needed to facilitate such a gift. Please contact us at for more information.

How do I make a Legacy gift to the Salzburg Global Seminar?
You can name the Seminar as a beneficiary of planned gifts such as bequests, retirement funds, insurance policies, and life income gifts, such as charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities. Life income gifts allow donors to enjoy tax and income benefits during their lifetimes while making a significant gift to the Seminar. Additional information is available in our ways of giving section. Please contact us at to discuss making a Legacy gift to the Seminar.

Where can I find the Salzburg Global Seminar's annual reports and financial information?
The Salzburg Global Seminar has made available to the public president's reports dating back to 2000. These can be viewed online at Our financial statements for previous years are also available on our website at

Who can I contact for more information?
Contact the Development Office at +1 (202) 637-7683
or send us an e-mail at .

We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Samah Al Wahaibi, Oman:
“Salzburg was an amazing experience and I was really encouraged. The stories of the talented women in the group demonstrated that nothing is impossible...”

Astrid Tuminez, Singapore:
"I believe it is easy to forget that we are citizens of the world, and that everything we do affects our neighbors, our communities, our country, our globe..."

Benny Tai, Hong Kong:
"Salzburg's unique setting was a tremendous place to encourage us to listen, to work towards understanding, and to see common ground..."

Hanna Tetteh, Ghana:
"Each of us comes to Salzburg looking to be inspired by the top-notch faculty and the extraordinary talents of our colleagues..."


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