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Mr. Stephen J. Riedel - Fellow, USA

"What a privilege to be here! Besides a great seminar experience, I will leave inspired by the talents and commitment of my fellow classmates."

Ms. Toshi Knell - Fellow, Australia

"The collection of people and the atmosphere of Salzburg allow critical analysis of all approaches to problems, and a chance for objectivity. It also allows people to relax, sometimes for the first time in a very long time, soaking up the wisdom and wit of people they respect. It allows people to have fun, as they work hard."

Mr. Arik Bachar - Fellow, Israel

"The opportunity to get representatives of two dozen countries in a setting like the Seminar really does produce a dialogue that resonates in the mind for years. For me meeting fellows and faculty members from countries which I cannot visit is particularly rewarding."

Mr. Sujan Dutta - Fellow, India

"My experience in Salzburg was an extremely beneficial one, which was and will continue to be of great relevance in my research. I am also certain that my participation in this seminar will translate into a benefit for the students of my university."

Mr. Wang Qingxin - Fellow, China

"Although I attended an international conference before, I have never met people from so many countries or regions in one time. With totally different backgrounds, they brought together various ideas and views from different perspectives. The friends I made during this session will be an invaluable treasure in my life."

Mr. Gil Marvel P. Tabucanon - Participant, Philippines

"The Seminar did wonderful things to me. I am now thinking of applying for a second Masters, this time in "Women's/Gender issues". I was kind of "awakened" to these issues during the Salzburg seminar, and thought I might advance my academic pathway along these lines. Thank you for the opportunity and for the really wonderful time I had in Salzburg."

Mr. Alemayehu F. Weldemariam - Participant, Ethiopia

"The Salzburg Global Seminar is a great place to be. The session on Peace-Building and Peace-Making was perhaps better than a postgraduate program in peace studies. A week here is better than a year at a university graduate school. Keep it up. The hospitality is not to be forgotten."

Dr. Guaning Su - Faculty, Singapore

"This is such a lovely setting for the meeting of minds! The organization is wonderful and the proceedings enlightening and thought provoking. The group of attendees is great to add to our network and the memories will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for everything!"

Mr. John I. Ngahu - Fellow, Kenya

"The planning and execution of the entire program has been amazing. The knowledge and personality of the faculty and participants was boundless. I have gained immense knowledge that will be valuable in my cross-cutting professional engagements. Thank you to the Salzburg Global Seminar."

Ms. Ekaterina Koldunova - Fellow, Russian Federation

"Many thanks to the organizers of the seminar who did everything to give us a wonderful and unique opportunity to come here and study the things which are not taught at the university: mutual respect, attention to other people's opinion, deep insight to the situation from various perspectives. The memories of this session will be my treasure."

Ms. Gulmina Dzhunushalieva - Fellow, Kyrgyszstan

"I want to extend to the Salzburg Global Seminar and its donor organizations my deep thanks for giving me the opportunity to take part in such an important event. A museum specialist from Kyrgyzstan rarely has the grand occasion to meet and talk with colleagues from other countries about professional problems and trends around the world."

Ms. Dalit Dror - Fellow, Israel

"Thank you for enabling me to participate in this seminar, which has been an extremely interesting and enriching experience and a unique opportunity to discuss this global subject with different people from different professional backgrounds and different countries all over the world. As the legal advisor of the ministry of the environment in Israel and the head of its legal department, I'm responsible for all the legal aspects of the ministry's activities, including preparing governmental draft laws on the issue, to be submitted to the Knesset (the Israeli parliament), representing the government in parliamentary committees on environmental issues, and promoting ratification of international treaties and agreements in this subject. Not only has the seminar enabled me to widen my knowledge on climate change threats and opportunities at local and regional level, […] but it also planted seeds of new ideas and different approaches which should be studied and seriously considered."

Mr. Olaseni Hazzan - Fellow, Nigeria

"My participation has enabled me to embark upon a new phase of my professional career: Through the insights gained during session 456 program, I will be able to initiate discussions on how Nigeria and other African countries can adopt some of the strategies that some sovereign wealth funds are adopting for managing their governments' windfall from commodity price increases. Moreover, the answers to some of the questions and issues I raised during the session have given me further insights as to the alternative approaches to accomplishing my new career objectives."



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